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Koech Corp
LATEST NEWS              08/13/2014 Koech corp announces the openning for the Copywriting internship program 2015-I.

Founded in 2002, KOECH is a corporation focused on promoting high-quality informational websites and sales through the internet. We manage a diversified portfolio of online businesses and do our best to accomplish a notable presence in each of the markets in which we participate.

Satisfying our clients’ needs is essential for us. This is why we offer them accurate information, good services, and products of the best quality; so that we are always their first choice.

Everyone at Koech is important because we all contribute to the development of a pleasant work atmosphere where customers and collaborators find opportunities to grow. This is an environment that always maintains respect and harmony for all stakeholders.


We investigate and create what informs you better.

Software Engineering
We write the code that make things work.

Design & Implementation
We create and put together the work.

Business & Product Management
We get to work on big things and coordinate with everyone.

Technical & Online Operations
We architecture the webs and coordinate with shareholders.